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Climate change is real and it’s happening now. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is our best chance to help developing countries transition to clean energy. Tell decisionmakers we want clean energy in the GCF!

2013 Annual Report

The 2013 Annual Report details current threats to the world's major river basins, and provides programmatic and financial summaries for the year.

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Given their slow approach to pledging to the Green Climate Fund, it seems like most governments need a bucket of ice dumped on their heads to wake up to the urgency of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
“Hi. This is Bharat from International Rivers. I’m calling regarding an email sent to you on August 4,” I said to a senior official in India's Ministry of Power over the phone. It had...
In a great victory for international water law and transboundary water governance, the 1997 UN Convention on the Law of Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses (UNWC) finally...
What role can and should renewables play in the DR Congo, in light of an international push for megadams on the Congo River? Notes from a field visit to DRC.

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As world leaders prepared to announce their actions on climate yesterday, thousands of people flooded the streets of New York City calling for wealthy nations to put money into the Green Cl...
Ahead of next week’s UN General Assembly and Climate Summit, 118 groups from 37 countries urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to ensure that private finance is not counted as...
The prestigious Stockholm Water Prize should celebrate the solutions of the future, not the past, argues International Rivers' Africa director Rudo Sanyanga.
Today, International Rivers launched “The State of the World's Rivers,” a first-of-its-kind database that illustrates how dams have helped impoverish the health of the world's river basins...


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