Costa Ricans linked on International Day of Action for Rivers, 2009.

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Now more than ever, the movement for rivers and rights is interconnected.

Through the power of social networks and social media, people are able to organize and connect with each other as never before. We hope you'll connect with us through your favorite online platforms in order to stay up to date on our campaigns, take actions, help raise money, and invite your own networks to join this global movement. Below is a list of networks where you can connect with us, and the different ways you can expect to hear from us on each.

  • Facebook
    • Facebook is a great way to connect with other river activists around the world, stay informed of campaign news, receive event invites, connect with our staff, and share information with our partner organizations.
  • Twitter
    • We use Twitter to share our campaign information, urgent campaign actions, and news updates on the global river movement. We also love to connect with people and share your relevant tweets with our followers.
    • You can follow many of our campaigners on Twitter. Below is a list of our twitter handles and the topics we tweet about.
  • Flickr
    • Our go-to site for photo sharing is Flickr. Check out our many photo sets for images of our partners, exciting events, and beautiful – and threatened – rivers and communities.
  • YouTube
    • YouTube is where you'll find our videos, including slideshows and short documentary films.
  • Pinterest
    • If you don't already know about Pinterest, welcome! Pinterest is a great way to share images from the web and find beautiful images from the broader community. We like to share some of our great images to spread information about our campaigns, and repin images from some of the other amazing organizations in the movement for rivers and rights.
  • Email
    • Sign up for our email lists to receive all sorts of information, from campaign-specific news to urgent campaign actions to dam-industry articles. NewsStream is our most popular list and the best way to stay informed about our campaigns and how you can get involved.
  • RSS
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