"If you're against a dam, you are for a river."
- Environmental pioneer, David Brower

There's much to be said as to why International Rivers is for healthy rivers on our planet. In opposing destructive dams we also advocate for investing in scaling-up solutions to achieve genuine sustainability and equitable access to energy, water, and food security in a changing climate.

We believe that advancing solutions to the world's most pressing problems – including the rapid deterioration of freshwater ecosystems – is fundamentally a re-design challenge. Re-designing how we generate, share and conserve water and energy resources to satisfy our needs without compromising those of other species and future generations is the lofty yet necessary goal of sustainability.

Building upon our core capacities and expertise, International Rivers works "upstream" toward source solutions. The reforms needed to protect and restore living rivers requires mobilized and coordinated civil society movements, major reform of institutions of governance and economics, and the replacement of dinosaur technologies (e.g., fossil fuels and large dams) with appropriately scaled and truly renewable energy and water solutions.


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