Dispute on Hydropower dams' Role in Climate Action

Rivers without Boundaries
Date and Time / Fecha y hora: 
Friday, March 13, 2020 - 15:15
Moscow, Russia
What does your event entail? / ¿Qué va a hacer?: 
Conservationists, climate activists, scientists, hydropower engineers (if they come) and journalists will get together at Alll-Russia Civic Forum headquarters to celebrate different approaches to protect rivers. A dispute is intended to attract interest of the new generation of environmentalists, who grew up with “GHG Abacus” in their heads. Questions discussed: Are hydropower dam’s effective means to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change? Do we need Climate Bonds to nurture “sustainable hydro”? Who in Russia may benefit from dams built using climate finance? Do we still have enough natural rivers to use them for electricity production? If hydropower is so great, why it is almost dead here in Russia? What should we expect in hydropower sector from recently delivered EU Taxonomy for sustainable finance? Is it OK that EU Taxonomy questions legitimacy of small hydro? Will it have practical consequences and how we can help Europeans to stop wasting money on hydro small and big? Participant will also discuss Krapivinsky Dam recently proposed on tom river in West Siberia as the only explicit large dam proposal left in Russia for the moment. Cheers RwB