2013 Wild & Scenic Film Festival: A Climate of Change

Thursday, January 10, 2013

International Rivers is excited to be involved with multiple events at this year's Wild & Scenic Film Festival, and to share just a few of the screenings and workshops which will be taking place January 10-13th in Nevada City.

Executive Director, Jason Rainey be will one of a panel of experts in a workshop discussing the status of rivers throughout the world in the face of the current hydropower boom. He will also be on hand at the premiere of Streams of Consequence, a new film by James Q Martin which addresses the hard questions of alternatives to large dam projects in Chilean Patagonia. International Rivers' Board member, Jane Baldwin will be showing her film Kara Women Speak, a personal story of indigenous Ethiopian women whose lives depend on the Omo River, along with her photography. Read the full program and buy tickets here.

  • Restoring Rivers at Home, Resisting Dams Abroad: Hydropower, Rivers and Climate Resilience.
    While some large dams are beginning to come down in the United States, new mega dam projects continue to proliferate around the world, displacing communities and driving the loss of habitat and species.  From the Yuba to Patagonia, from the Amazon to the Mekong, learn about the status of rivers throughout the world, the scale of the current hydropower boom, and how rivers and dams are situated in the global debate on climate resilience. This panel will discuss energy solutions that protect river health and share strategies to effectively exercise your influence in a globalized world. Panelists include Jason Rainey, Executive Director of International Rivers; author Craig Childs (“The Secret Knowledge of Water”, “House of Rain”, “Apocalyptic Planet” and others); Steve Rothert, California Regional Director of American Rivers;  and filmmaker & activist James Q Martin (Streams of Consequence, Power in the Pristine).  Moderated by Hans Cole, Patagonia’s Environmental Grants Manager.
    When: Saturday 12-1pm

  • Streams of Consequence Premiere Event
    Join SYRCL, American Rivers, International Rivers, and Rios Libres for a special premiere of Streams of Consequence, a solution-based film by director and Rios Libres Co-Founder James Q Martin that addresses the hard questions about alternatives to mega hydropower projects in Chilean, Patagonia.  Director James ‘Q’ Martin and luminary author Craig Childs will share a powerful multi-media & spoken word presentation that will give attendees a visceral experience of the importance of using alternative energy sources in order to protect beautiful Patagonia. There will also be an opportunity to take action in support of ongoing campaigns to protect Patagonia's Rivers.
    When: Saturday 5-6pm

  • Kara Women Speak
    Jane Baldwin’s photo-documentary and companion film, Kara Women Speak, tell the story of indigenous people through photographs and interviews with women living in Ethiopia. Their poignant stories describe a complex assimilation of the ancient and the modern, woven into concerns for their future.
    When: Saturday 3-4pm and 7-10pm


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