Media Kit on the Xayaburi Dam

Mekong River downstream of the Xayaburi Dam Site
Mekong River downstream of the Xayaburi Dam Site

The Xayaburi Dam is the first of eleven dams proposed for the Lower Mekong River in Southeast Asia. If built, it could open the floodgates for all eleven dams to go forward, with significant consequences for the Mekong River and its people. This Xayaburi Dam “Media Kit” is intended to help journalists and researchers who seek more detailed information about the Xayaburi Dam controversy. For a more general background, please visit our Xayaburi Dam webpage.

Is the Xayaburi Dam the beginning of a water conflict between the Mekong countries?

What are the main concerns with the Xayaburi Dam?

What is the status of construction?

Has Laos violated international law?

What is Thailand's role in the Xayaburi Dam?

What is Finnish company Pöyry’s role in the project?

What is French company CNR’s role in the project?




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