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River Defender Murdered in Guatemala

The site of Pojom I Hydroelectric Project.
On Tuesday, January 17, protestors led a peaceful demonstration against a hydroelectric plant in Guatemala. But the event ended in death after paramilitaries shot and killed 72-year-old activist Sebastian Alonso.

Headwaters of the Amazon Protected!

The Marañón River.
Last week, the Peruvian government publicly declared that large dams in the Amazon are not on the new government’s agenda.

Victory in Chile! Dams Scrapped on Five Rivers

Puelo River Basin
Chilean energy company Endesa has announced that they're scrapping plans for six dams on five Chilean rivers, and relinquishing their claims to the water on these rivers. Endesa cited strong local opposition as one reason they're pulling out of the projects.

From Paris to Patagonia: On Rivers and Climate Change

Kayak on the middle section of the Fuy River.
Chile could supply all its energy needs without building another coal plant or damming another river. But outdated planning and regulations haven't caught up to this new reality. Will Patagonia's pristine rivers pay the price?

Ocekadi: Hydroelectric Dams, Socio-Environmental Conflicts, and Resistance in the Tapajós Basin

Saturday, June 25, 2016
In the language of Brazil’s indigenous Munduruku people, “Ocekadi” means “the river of our place.” It is their name for the Tapajós River, which forms the core of their traditional lands in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. A region of tremendous social and biological diversity, the Tapajós river basin connects two important biomes: the tropical savannah (cerrado) and the Amazon. Now, an unprecedented number of hydroelectric dam projects threaten the Tapajós and its major tributaries, together with industrial waterways (hidrovias), road paving, mining and agribusiness enterprise

“Everything Depends on Conservation” | River Guardian Macarena Soler

Macarena Soler fights for Patagonia.
Chilean lawyer Macarena Soler had the fight of her life defending Patagonia from a massive dam scheme. Now she's fighting to save endangered species, as well as Chile's Maipo River. That's why she's this month's River Guardian.

Four Arrested in Connection with Berta Cáceres's Murder | La Prensa

Dos de los hombres detenidos supuestamente vinculados con el asesinato de Berta Cáceres.
Monday, May 2, 2016
Four men were arrested earlier today, allegedly in connection with the murder of Berta Cáceres.

Setting the World Bank President Straight on Large Dams

World Bank President Jim Kim
World Bank President Jim Kim has once again presented a strong defense of large dams. High time to look at the evidence!

The World Celebrated Rivers and Their Defenders on March 14

Day of Action 2016 Senegal
As the 2016 Day of Action for Rivers Coordinator, I had the unique opportunity to connect with communities and organizations all over the globe dedicated to protecting humanity’s lifelines, the arteries of our earth -- the world’s rivers! Unfortunately, the celebratory spirit that marked the commencement of preparations for this year’s Day of Action was dampened by the unjust and untimely death of fellow river activist and dear partner, Berta Cáceres. Her death was a reminder of the truly heinous nature of the forces--corporate, government, etc.--that we confront in our ongoing fight to

Tell Dam Builders to Pull Out of Agua Zarca Dam!

Berta Caceres lights candles with Lenca community members.
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
For years, critics of the Agua Zarca dam project in Honduras have been targeted by a campaign of violence, intimidation and outright murder. Then, on March 2, Berta Cáceres – vocal critic of the Agua Zarca Dam, Goldman Prize winner and mother of four – was brutally murdered in her home. Enough is enough. The Agua Zarca Dam – and the campaign of threats, violence and outright murder against critics of the project – has to stop. We demand that international dam builders and financiers immediately pull out of the Agua Zarca dam project, and not get involved in any other projects on indig

The Rivers We Yearn for, The Rivers We Love, The Rivers We Leave

A blog from our supporter, aquatic ecologist Jorge Celi: This March 14 we celebrate the International Day of Action for Rivers! To ensure that rivers remain for posterity, we must reflect and choose what fate we want for our rivers. It's time to act!

10 Reasons Why Climate Initiatives Should Not Include Large Hydropower Projects

A Civil Society Manifesto for the Support of Real Climate Solutions Large hydropower projects are often propagated as a “clean and green” source of electricity by international financial institutions, national governments and other actors. They greatly benefit from instruments meant to address climate change, including carbon credits under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), credits from the World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds, and special financial terms from export credit agencies and green bonds. The dam industry advocates for large hydropower projects to be funded by the Green