Celebrating Women and Rivers

They say that women hold up half the sky. We think they hold half the water too. 

All over the world, women play a vital role in protecting their lands, waters and communities – and today, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate their contributions. 

  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo, we honor Blandine Bonianga, the phenomenal women’s rights activist who works to empower rural women to claim their rights to energy and water.
  • Along the Mekong and Nam Ou rivers in Southeast Asia, we amplify the voices of women who speak eloquently of all that’s lost when a river is developed without their input.
  • On the Salween River, in Myanmar, we hear from women living at the nexus of ethnic conflict and development, and who are demanding a chance to participate in future decisions about their river.
  • We stand with our colleagues Joan Carling and Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, two brave and globally-respected women leaders for indigenous rights who have been targeted for their work. We call on the Duterte government to withdraw its accusations and apologize to these courageous and visionary women.
  • And we thank the courageous women on our own staff, who use their smarts and expertise every day to win a better future for all of us.

We are inspired daily by the strength and courage of all the women we work with. And we are ready to celebrate! 

In just one week, on March 14, we will raise our voices for our rivers and rights on the Day of Action for Rivers. We’ve already logged over 50 actions in over 20 countries. Add your voice to the chorus! Find an event near you.

This is our time to shine, as women and men, and as river defenders, united. Join us.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018