Protecting rivers and defending the rights of the communities that depend on them

Our Rivers, Our Water Future

Since 1985, International Rivers has been at the heart of the global movement to ensure river-dependent communities’ voices are heard and their rights are respected.

Our Approach

Rivers are the arteries of the earth, supporting the highest rate of biodiversity compared to any other ecosystem and providing for the livelihoods of millions of local, indigenous and traditional peoples. Rivers are also under extreme threat, with less than 10% of the world’s river basins protected.

International Rivers strengthens movements of communities and civil society at the forefront of defending rivers by:

  • Undertaking investigative research to generate robust data and evidence to inform policies and campaigns.
  • Remaining independent and fearless in campaigning to expose and resist destructive projects.
  • Developing a vision that protects rivers and the communities that depend upon them. 

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Our Impact

0 Number of community groups, movements, and civil society organizations we have partnered with to provide campaign and advocacy support.
0 Destructive river projects delayed or stopped, resulting in millions of people retaining access to their traditional lands and livelihoods.
$ 0 B Funds (USD) channeled away from investment in destructive projects, toward sustainable and just alternatives.
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Peace on the Salween

Peace on the Salween

Nestled beside Asia’s last free-flowing river, the Salween Peace Park in Myanmar’s Karen State (officially called Kayin State) is protecting the rights of Indigenous Karen people to self-determination, cultural survival and environmental conservation. By Pianporn Deetes, Thailand and Burma/Myanmar Campaigns Director Introduction In Myanmar’s Karen State, the Indigenous Karen people have turned a war zone…

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Klamath River Dam Removal Update: An Urgent Need for Action!

Klamath River Dam Removal Update: An Urgent Need for Action!

By: Bruce Shoemaker, guest blogger The proposed removal of four aging dams on the Klamath River in far-northern California and southern Oregon is at a crucial juncture. Following sustained campaigning by tribal and environmental groups, what is likely the largest proposed dam removal project to date world-wide, one that has huge implications for the international…

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