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To provide immediate assistance to Ríos Vivos and community activists on the ground, visit Ríos Vivos Colombia. A convergence of forces this month around Colombia’s largest hydroelectric dam have demonstrated the extreme threats...
From March 17th to 22nd, thousands of activists from over 30 countries gathered in Brasilia for the Alternative World Water Forum (FAMA). The event brought together an impressive array of...
Honduran lawyer Carlos Hernandez was dedicated to protecting a community that was peacefully resisting a hydropower project on its local river. Now he's dead.
The 2018 Day of Action for Rivers saw over 140 events in 46 countries. See the face of this incredible grassroots, global movement for rivers!

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Today, a coalition of organizations launch a campaign to establish rights of nature in Serbia. The goal is to permanently protect sensitive Balkan ecosystems, including from threats of enorm...
The Tapanuli orangutan was just discovered. Now a dam built by a Chinese state-run company might wipe this species off the face of the earth.
National and international groups are condemning the Brazilian government and dam builders for acts of intimidation against indigenous groups in the Amazon.
The proposal to dam the tributaries worries many who work in the field. This includes women, whose concerns are often overlooked. The impacts of hydropower and other large infrastructure...