For nearly three decades, International Rivers has been at the forefront of research and communications on issues surrounding large dams and their impact on rivers and communities.

Here you’ll find a library of our latest reports and publications, factsheets, multimedia resources, and tools for activists. Ranging from videos to analytical reports, these collected resources will inform the experienced environmental policy expert and budding river activists alike.

Munduruku representative with International Rivers and other civil society at the International Hydropower Congress Alternative Forum in 2019 | Photo by International Rivers


International Rivers regularly publishes and distributes print materials with the purpose of informing and educating the public about issues related to rivers. Our reports offer in-depth knowledge and research on the issues at hand.

Capacity Building Tools

We provide technical expertise and campaigning support to a wide range of partners. With these tools, we aim to help our networks understand the global trends in hydropower and financing sectors, and monitor and campaign on projects that affect the world’s major rivers and ecosystems.


International Rivers produces fact sheets on a broad range of campaigns and issues, from Climate Change to Dam Finance & Standards. Fact sheets are an excellent resource if you are looking for brief descriptions of complicated topics facing the movement for rivers and rights. We especially recommend printing them out for your events!


Learn more about our work by exploring the audio recordings, videos, and maps featured on this website. We produce a variety of multimedia resources to further our mission of protecting rivers and the rights of communities that depend on them.

For more resources, explore our archived site.