The climate crisis is upon us. How we respond to it will shape the future of the planet and every species upon it. For too long our rivers and watersheds have been treated as habitats to be exploited. To achieve climate justice, we must change the practices that destroy our freshwater systems.

It is essential, in these pivotal years, that we put justice at the center of the coming energy transformation. Those who have contributed the least to today’s crisis, are disproportionately affected by it. And we believe the burdens and benefits of our response to climate change must be shared equitably and fairly

Lower Klamath Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Siskiyou County, CA in September 2000 during an average water year in which the refuge was allotted water. In 2001 this same area had gone dry due to drought and over allocations of water to agriculture.| Photo by International Rivers.

Our Work in the Movement for Climate Justice

We promote sustainable energy that does not sacrifice the environment, the climate, or basic human rights. We challenge false solutions such as megadams and carbon trading schemes that undermine indigenous sovereignty while failing to genuinely rein in emissions.  We undertake independent research to illuminate the path to the Paris Accord’s implementation and a fair and just energy transition 

Permanently protecting rivers will help solve the climate crisis. Rivers are regulators of the earth’s carbon cycle. Their damming and diversion alternately drowns and starves carbon sinks. On the other hand, free-flowing rivers  are one of the world’s strongest, natural defense mechanisms against climate catastrophe. Free-flowing rivers help communities build resilience by recharging groundwater, nourishing productive deltas and farmland, and allowing migratory fish populations to thrive.

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