An Action Guide for Communities Affected by Dams (2007)


Around the world, people are fighting to protect their rivers and their livelihoods from new dams. They are seeking compensation for problems caused by old dams. They are proposing better alternatives for energy, water supply and flood management. All of them are fighting to have their voices heard in decisions that affect their lives.

To support their efforts, International Rivers has published “Dams, Rivers and Rights: An Action Guide for Communities Affected by Dams”. The guide now exists in 19 languages, including Spanish, Thai, Urdu, French, Khmer, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi.

We were extremely happy when we received a copy of your publication Dams, Rivers and Rights,” writes Mumai Pheiga of the Rongmei Naga Baptist Association in India.

“This publication is very effective and appropriate with our context because the Rongmei Naga community is going to be the worst affected people when the Tipaimukh mega-dam is constructed. We feel that we have not created enough awareness and provided education about the ramifications on the people because of this controversial dam. We believe this publication is going to be an essential tool for us in resisting the proposed mega-dam by the government.”

Dams, Rivers and Rights is the perfect tool for anyone threatened by dam construction. It tells the stories of people affected by dams and outlines success stories of people who fight for their rights and their rivers. The guide shares lessons and ideas from the growing international movement against destructive dams. It tells stories of people all over the world who say no to dams and who demand “Don’t DAMage our lives.”

If you are affected by a dam, work to support dam-affected communities or work to protect rivers, this guide is for you. Written in a popular education style, the guide provides general information about dams and their impacts, and gives concrete ideas on how to challenge dams.

Download the Dam Fighters Guide in the following languages: