Learn more about our work by exploring the audio recordings, videos, and maps featured on this website. We produce a variety of multimedia resources to further our mission of protecting rivers and the rights of communities that depend on them. All of our work is licensed under the Creative Commons, so you are free to use and redistribute these materials for educational and nonprofit purposes, with attribution to International Rivers.

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A Voice for Rivers

Healthy rivers, the foundation of the world’s most critical ecosystems, are essential to conserving and restoring our environment. Yet with 3,700 large dams are currently planned or under construction around the world, rivers need our protection — they need a voice.

Inga Women Speak

Inga women have been fighting for their rights and to stop the third Inga dam from being built on their river. Their livelihoods and wellbeing are at stake, as many decisions have been made without their voices being heard.

River Rights

If corporations have rights, shouldn’t rivers? To answer this key question and more check out this video “River Rights” to learn about the Rights of Rivers movement and philosophy. Produced by Eli Noyes and photos from International Rivers.

Community Voices of Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana, in Kenya and Ethiopia, supports the livelihoods of 300,000 people. In this video, we have a chance to listen to their concerns about developments on the Lake as well as the importance of the lake in their lives.

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Staying connected is important to us and integral to building effective networks for change. We host monthly webinars to stay engaged with you and tell stories from our dedicated river defenders across the globe. For information on upcoming webinars visit our events page.

Rights of Rivers: Stories of sovereignty and guardianship in the fight to give rivers legal rights

In this webinar from October 13 2020, a panel of experts on the Rights of Rivers explore how several communities have successfully fought to secure legal rights for their rivers, and how we can support similar movements around the world. Speakers include: Gerrard Chairperson of the Nga Tangata Tiaki o Whanganui Trust, New Zealand Jorge Iván Palacio, lawyer and jurist, former president of the Colombian Constitutional Court, Shrishtee Bajpai, activist and researcher at the organization Kalpavriksh in India, Felipe Clavijo-Ospina, former Law Clerk at the Constitutional Court of Colombia, Grant Wilson, Executive Director of Earth Law Center, Sam Bookman, Fellow at the Vance Center for International Justice and Monti Aguirre, International Rivers Latin America Program Coordinator. Watch in Spanish here.

2 Years After Lao Dam Collapse: The Call for Justice Persists

On July 23 2018, at least 70 people died or disappeared and over 7000 were displaced when a dam collapsed in southern Laos. Two years later, those affected are yet to see justice. This webinar and panel discussion explores continued efforts within the Mekong region and beyond to hold responsible actors to account.

Consultation Protocols: Instrument for the Defense of Territories and Rights

Recording of the 10/8/20 webinar launch of the Consultation Protocols video. Original audio in Portuguese. The video “Consultation Protocols: Instrument for the Defense of Territories and Rights” was produced by International Rivers and directed by Todd Southgate. It portrays an initiative that emerged within the movements of indigenous peoples and other traditional communities that aims to ensure the right to free, prior and informed consultation and consent on policies and projects that affect their territories and lives. Watch in Spanish or Portuguese.

From Crisis to Opportunity: Covid-19 and the Future of our Rivers

In this webinar which took place on May 19, 2020, Monti Aguirre of our Latin America program, and Pai Deetes of our Southeast Asia program shared stories, current challenges, and emerging wisdom from their work with communities on the ground. We were joined with a reading by the renowned poet and activist Jane Hirshfield, who inspires social change and a deep responsibility to protect our natural world through her art. The speaker panel will be followed by a Q&A with opportunity for participants to share knowledge and experiences, and to contribute to International Rivers’ fundraising efforts.