KruThi Niwat Roykaew US event
Oct 13
Friday, October 13, 2023 6:00 pm Online and in-person on the Columbia River

Join us, Indigenous leaders, partners and #RiverGuardians from around the world, for an international dialogue on the importance of rivers with the #Columbia River people, led by a son of the #Mekong River.


🗓️ Friday, October 13th at 6pm PST (Saturday, October 14th at 8AM ICT) In English. Live translation to Thai provided online.

Goldman Environmental Prize and The Asia Foundation award winner Khru Tee Niwat Roykaew will lead a discussion on what these two great world rivers and their people can learn from each other’s histories, what we have in common today, and how we can collaborate.

Khru Tee’s traditional knowledge bases of respect for nature and faith in human equality challenge development assumptions about what a river is. As the Mekong undergoes rapid industrialization today, Columbia River people have already experienced development in the form of big #hydropower, timber, and agriculture for over 100 years. NGOs, local people and #Indigenous groups have organized to reclaim and redefine rivers and rights in both basins.


💧Niwat Roykaew – Director of the Mekong School Chiang Khong and Mekong-Lanna Waterkeeper, Awarded the 2022 Goldman Environmental Prize and The Asia Foundation’s 2023 Chang-Lin Tien Distinguished Leadership Award for his work with communities across northern Thailand

💦 Dan Serres – Columbia Riverkeeper Advocacy Director

🌏 Steven Hawley – Environmental journalist, author, filmmaker

Hosted and sponsored by The Asia Foundation, Waterkeeper Alliance and Public Administration at Portland State University

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