Manifesto to Congress calls the changes “dismemberment of the environment” and calls on deputies and senators to reverse in plenary the setbacks approved yesterday

Representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs) sent a manifesto signed by 790 organizations to the leaders of Brazil’s National Congress criticizing the substitute for Provisional Measure 1.154, which was approved this month by the Congress. Among the hundreds of endorsements are CSOs that work with Indigenous representatives, social movements, scientific societies, corporate organizations, and private sector entities. Read the full document and list of organizations.

What are the changes in Provisional Measure 1.154 which was approved this month?  

The legislative changes in Provisional Measure 1.154 remove powers from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MMA) including for combating environmental crimes, such as deforestation in the Amazon. In addition, the changes in the MP also weaken the authority of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples (MPI), violating the fundamental rights of the original population. Among the changes are: 

1) Removing the management of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) from the MMA, making it difficult to use this fundamental database for combating deforestation and environmental inspection of rural properties throughout the country; 

2) Withdrawing from the MMA the coordination of the National Water Resources Management System (SIGRH) and the National Water and Basic Sanitation Agency (ANA), which will weaken the inspection of water uses and great chances of increasing conflicts; 

3) Removing from the MMA any power related to information systems on public sanitation services, solid waste management, and water resources management; 

4) Withdrawing from the MPI the ability to demarcate indigenous lands.

The manifesto, signed by 790 organizations against the new Provisional Measure 1.154, recommends changes necessary to correct the devastating effects of this new version of Provisional Measure in the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MMA) and in the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples (MPI). The purpose is to call on deputies and senators to promote the changes in the plenary.

Essentially, four points need to return to the MP’s original wording: management of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) by the MMA; coordination by the Environment portfolio of the National System of Water Resources Management (SIGRH) and of the National Agency of Waters and Basic Sanitation (ANA); maintenance of the MMA’s power regarding information systems on public services of basic sanitation, solid waste management and management of water resources; and the MPI’s competence to demarcate Indigenous Lands.

The manifesto stresses that “voting in favor of these mistakes means supporting the reduction of Brazil’s capacity to combat deforestation, the main national source of greenhouse gas emissions, to ensure balance in the multiple uses of water and to guarantee the effectiveness of the constitutional rights of Indigenous peoples and the protection of human rights. There is no administrative reason that justifies the dismemberment of the MMA and the reduction of the MPI’s power.”

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