Bach letter writing campaign

June 24th, 2024 marks the third anniversary of the wrongful arrest and imprisonment of environmental lawyer and climate justice advocate, Dang Dinh Bach, on trumped-up charges and under harsh and degrading conditions.

Bach has requested that the international community write letters to him in prison and call on government decision-makers abroad to raise his case with the Vietnamese government and request a humanitarian visit. Although individual letters might not reach Bach directly, they will show prison officials the global support behind him and the scrutiny they are under. 

Every year, many human rights and environmental activists around the world are imprisoned or killed. Bach wishes for June 24th to become a day of commemoration and recognition of the sacrifices environmental defenders have made and to criticize all institutions that do not respect human rights.

Today, we are launching a global letter-writing campaign to express solidarity with Bach. We urge you to join the campaign and send him a letter. You can do this on June 24th or during the days and weeks that follow.

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