Today, October 3rd, a civil society group published and sent a letter to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and relevant government agencies calling for a careful evaluation of Brazil’s climate and environmental policies, processes, and track records. The letter also highlights the necessity for strong due diligence, including third-party assessments, independent reviews, and fact-finding missions, as well as civil society consultations, including with Indigenous Peoples and forest defenders whose lives have been put at risk.

Why is this important?

Deforestation and human rights abuses have been increasing in Brazil in recent years. Whether Jair Bolsonaro or Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wins the Presidential election, the Brazil accession process for the OECD provides an opportunity for international collaboration to solve these issues. The letter calls upon the OECD to uphold its integrity and ensure a thorough review of Brazil’s application that will identify whether or not the nation can feasibly meet the environmental and human rights protections laid out in the OECD’s roadmap. 

Engaging Brazil through the OECD should be seen as an opportunity by member nations to hold Brazil accountable, and for Brazil to advocate for additional support from current OECD members to build the infrastructure and policies necessary to protect people and forests. The goal is for Brazil to join the OECD the right way when it is ready. The OECD’s thorough review can help all parties identify where gaps may exist and serve as a catalyst for more engagement on providing Brazilians support for developing their economy without further deforestation and land-theft.

Letter (English)

Carta (Português)