Earth Law Center Mexico and the Transdisciplinary Center for Sustainability (CENTRUS) at Universidad Iberoamericana are organizing the Mother Earth CDMX Summit to be celebrated from the 26th to the 28th of October (join in-person or online). Sign up here!

The summit will focus on the recognition and implementation of the Rights of Nature as a manifestation of the Rule of Law, using the impact of environmental education in Mexico as a guiding axis, and will count on important leaders, such as International Rivers, Voice for Nature, CONABIO, UN, Iniciativa Climática de México, Ithaca Environmental, OCEANA Mexico and more. Latin America Program Manager Monti Aguirre will give a keynote address on the Rights of Rivers around the world.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Rights of Forests, Jungles, and their Preservation: A prelude to the implementation of the Rights of Nature
  • Wildlife and Rights of Animals and Species: Ecocentric and biocentric law in action
  • Rights of the oceans, rivers, and other water sources as sustainers of life
  • The fight against and mitigation of climate change as a manifestation of the recognition of the Rights of Nature
  • Rights of Protected Natural Areas: A cornerstone of socio-environmental justice
  • Rights of Native Corn and Other Grains: Food sovereignty based on their inherent rights
  • Biocultural Rights: Recognition of the intrinsic connection between Nature and the culture of the communities and peoples that inhabit it as its guardians.

The event will be in Spanish and will take place at Universidad IBERO Ciudad de México.