This month, International Rivers was honored to be part of an inspiring event, ‘Somos Cuenca 2023 Festival’ in Concepción, Chile. With a spirit of fostering collaboration and celebrating Chile’s basin waters, the festival united diverse individuals and organizations committed to conserving the rivers.

This gathering, which took place from November 11th to 19th, opened pathways for regenerative actions for rivers and nature in Concepción. Within the Biobío River basin, diverse initiatives, projects, and actors converged across various spaces, offering educational booths, art, discussions, documentaries, workshops, kayaking experiences, music, and more. Paulo Urrutia, Director of Bestias del Sur Salvaje, highlighted that the festival’s aim was to empower, connect, and inspire responsible bonds with nature.

During the days at the Concepcion, International Rivers, alongside Earth Law Center and Defensa Ambiental, led a collaborative effort along the BioBio River, uniting communities spanning from Alto BioBio to Chiguayante to discuss the safeguarding of this vital river.

“Historically, rivers have been seen as a means of energy production, but today, we have other perspectives focusing on water quality, its natural flow, and respecting biodiversity. The international and national movements for the Rights of Nature and Rights of Rivers is timely and growing, and this awakening of consciousness is essential for the community and our collective global well-being.”

Monti Aguirre on the importance of hosting the Somos Cuenca Festival.

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Feature photo by Isadora Armani/International Rivers

Watch the interview that Monti Aguirre, Latin America Program Director, for Canal 9 Biobío: