By: Aqeelah Hassen, Africa Program

On Thursday the 17th of February International Rivers with partners Womin, Femmes Solidaires (FESO) and Coalition des Organisations de la Société Civile pour le Suivi des Réformes et de l’Action Publique (CORAP) launched the Inga too High a Cost report in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The report assesses the socio-economic impacts of the Inga 3 dam, on South African citizens and particularly on women. It also looks at the commercial case for the dam, comparing it on price with alternatives and suggests that Inga 3 will deliver poor outcomes for South Africans at a very high price. While the report focuses largely on the impacts of importing power from Inga 3 for South Africa, the launch provided an opportunity to explore the negative impacts the proposed project would have in the DRC. 

Mignonne Mbombo, Programs Coordinator at FESO explained that there is the ever present risk of social conflict and human rights issues due to displacement by the project in the DRC. She goes on to point out that Energy from Inga 3 would be sent to the mining sector in Katanga or exported to South Africa, with only around 20% allocated to residents in Kinshasa and surrounds. 

“Within the DRC, energy from Inga 3 is going to the places that already enjoy relatively high levels of electrification. Overall, 19% of people in the DRC have access to electricity but in Kinshasa the rate is as high as 80%. So although the 20% allocation from Inga 3 may have positive social impacts for Kinshasa residents and some surrounding areas, it will likely have limited to no impact on the majority of the DRC population in need.”

The launch highlighted once more that Inga 3 is a bad idea for both South Africa and the DRC.

International Rivers Africa Program Director Siziwe Mota concludes “The afternoon was a success, a number of news outlets attended and we expect some local media pieces about the report in the DRC which will further illuminate the cons of the proposed Inga 3 project for both the DRC and South Africa.”

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