This report assesses the socio-economic impact of the Inga 3 dam with a particular focus on South African citizens and on women. It looks at the commercial case for the dam, comparing it on price with alternatives before weighing positive and negative social and environmental impacts against each other. Our report suggests that Inga 3 will deliver poor outcomes for South Africans at a very high price. At a time of high debt and unemployment, alternatives appear to offer a more prudent energy strategy with more substantial social benefits.

A Few Key Findings

  • Importing power from Inga 3 would cost Eskom over R10 billion more per year as compared to wind and solar. 
  • The Inga 3 dam and its transmission line would have significant negative social impacts, and adversely impact between 210,000 and 333,000 people within South Africa.
  • Inga 3 would create virtually no new jobs in South Africa. Comparable investments in wind and solar, however, could create approximately 8,096 full-time jobs for South Africans.
  • South Africa’s continued reliance on Inga 3 in its energy plans represents a grave risk to the country’s energy security. 

For contextual information around the Inga 3 project download our fact sheet. For the full list of key findings and recommendations download the policy brief below.